About Me

I was born in the countryside in a small city in Romania. All I learned was: “Go to school, get a job, work hard for your family, don’t spend your money!”

And I did all those. I worked hard, I saved money, I bought a house, got married. But this world was not for me. The world where you are just a machine!

A terrible disease hit me: lupus! I got sick and couldn’t work anymore. And when you disconnect from your daily routine your start seeing things.

I saw my life. I was just a machine working to earn money to spend on vacations. That was all.

Than I understood that I need to choose a path. So I ask myself:

“What does the world need from me today that I have to offer?”

Few years of struggles. I had to face my fears, my past, my anxiety, panic attacks… I choose love over fear, I love myself and all my poor decisions and “mistakes”.

I start changing everything. And I am telling you, it is possible! And this doesn’t mean that I didn’t earn money anymore! Or that I went in the caves!

No, I lived in the same place, same job, but with different mentality.

I am telling you the CHANGE starts with you! And everyone can do it! I am not a guru!

Laura Dolis – am certified NLP – trainer, writer and Life Coach.