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Day 1 – Unlock the stress at work

Today we’ll talk about an amazing topic, how to relax when you are stressed.

Stress can have different triggers. Maybe you are tired of too much work, or maybe you have problems in your love life, or at work, a short deadline and list can go on.

In day 1 you will find out the key to unlock the stress at work.

And remember:

“Breathing is essential. You are the breathing. Everything you do with your breathing you are doing it with yourself.”

At the end of this day what you will be able to do?

You will be able to deal with a stressful situation with calm. You will be the master here. Stress will have no power on you.

Day 2 – What is the secret of breathing

In this second day we are discovering the importance of breathing in your life. From the moment you are born, you start breathing.

It is automatic and we don’t give such a big importance to it.

What can you achieve by breathing correctly?

It can help you sleep better, increase your focus, digest food more efficiently, improve your body’s immune response, and reduce stress levels.

Knowing how to breathe also help us to control our emotions (anger included) and fears and keep a clear and sharp mind.

When we are upset or stressed our breathing becomes quick and shallow. Breathing deeply and slowly instantly calms us down mentally as well as physically.

Click on video to see how we do this!

What you will be able to do at the end of this session?

You will be able to be healthier and stronger just by the correct breathing.

Day3 – Full body relaxation technique – Please open before you got to sleep (FREE)

On our 3 day together, I’ll guide you to a total body relaxation.

This relaxation you will do it before you go to bed, is meant to help you sleep better.

Just relax, press play and let my voice guide you into a new world!

Day 4 – The power of YES – Please open in the morning

The power of “yes” – please open it  in the morning

We are used to say “no”.

According to Osho, “no” is feeding the ego, “yes” is a method to discover yourself.

I will give you an example here. Let’s imagine you are in the car and your love partner tell you to stop the car cause she/he wants to enter in a museum and you don’t want this.

The dialogue would be like this:

– Please stop here, I want to go to this museum!

– No! I don’t want to go there!

Now…replace “no” with “yes” but instead of refuse just say what you want. Here is how it would look like:

–  Please stop here, I want to go to this museum!

– I would like to go to the beach and drink a lemonade. 🙂

Do you see the difference? Do you think this attitude can avoid a fight?

Try it!

Click on video and listen the today practice!


Day 5 – Stay in the present of HERE and NOW

Realize that the present moment is all we have. If before you were traveling in time making short visits to your past or future, now change that! Say YES to the present moment.

End the illusion of time. This is the key. Time and mind are inseparable. The more you focus on time – past or future – you lose the present, the most precious diamond you have.

At the end of this day you will be able to live in the present, be more creative. When bad emotions from past will come, you will know  how to send them back to the past.

Day 6 – How to eat mindfully and why

We dedicate today to the knowledge of eating.

Let me ask you, how do you eat? What do you think about when you eat?

Is this familiar to you: you have a lunch break at work, you get up from your desk and go to lunch. And instead of taking time to eat, you just put food in your mouth cause your body needs it, and your mind is at your work task.

Mindful eating is all about paying attention to the way we eat. Research has shown eating mindfully improves digestion, regulates our appetite and helps us enjoy our food much more.

 At the end of this day you will be able to fix your health problems regarding digestion. You will discover the taste of food. If you practice what you will learn here you will have another rhythm in life.

Day 7 – Take care of your body

In this section will guide you thru your body experience. For this one, just 1 day is not enough. you need at least one week and after that should be in your daily routine.

I will tell you a secret, the big secrets are in the easiest and simplest exercises. Just trust my guidance and you will notice how this change your whole life, from your relaxation, creativity, trust in yourself and discover your beautiful body.

Clink on the link and enjoy!

At the end of this day, if you practice least for a week what you’ll learn in this section, you’ll be able to love and understand your body. That will bring you to a higher trust in yourself.